Noise and Copies

Copying is central to the contemporary production cycle and has gained ground by showing itself to be successful in recreating old truths and offering a time-efficient creative process. Noise and Copies is a study of the copy and of how the graphic designer can use it, together with other tools which the graphic designer has at hand.


  • Typeface concept includes: Helvetica Neue, Neue Haas Unica Pro, Suisse Int'l, Favorit, Univers and Arial.
  • Dimensions: 110mm * 178mm
  • Paper: Munken Lynx 200gsm and Munken Lynx 80gsm
  • Offset printing by Norra Skåne Offset

Published in 2019 for the Beckmans College of Design Graduation Exhibition.

assets/noise-and-copies/NOISEandCOPIES-cover.jpg Placeboholder

Back cover, spine and front cover. The quality of the paper (Munken Lynx 200 gsm/80 gsm) combined with the format gives the book a sensation of a classic paperback.

assets/noise-and-copies/noise-and-copies-firstpages.gif Placeboholder

Spreads pp. 2-13. Index of the books' different typefaces.

assets/noise-and-copies/noise-and-copies-01-low.png Placeboholder

Spread pp. 28-29

assets/noise-and-copies/noise-and-copies-02-low.png Placeboholder

Spread pp. 54-55

assets/noise-and-copies/noise-and-copies-03-low.png Placeboholder

Spread pp. 88-89

assets/noise-and-copies/noise-and-copies-04-low.png Placeboholder

Spread pp. 128-129

assets/noise-and-copies/noise-and-copies-09-low.png Placeboholder

Spread pp. 140-141

assets/noise-and-copies/noise-and-copies-08-low.png Placeboholder

Spread pp. 166-167

assets/noise-and-copies/noise-and-copies-06-low.png Placeboholder

Spread pp. 208-209

assets/noise-and-copies/noise-and-copies-05-low.png Placeboholder

Spread pp. 226-227

assets/noise-and-copies/noise-and-copies-07-low.png Placeboholder

Spread pp. 234-235

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