Ingen frihet utan makt

A site analysis of Snösätra graffiti area resulted in a throne made out of spray cans.


  • Dimensions: 100cm * 120cm * 265cm
  • Materials: emptied spray cans, glue, concrete block


  • Series of four riso printed posters
  • Dimensions: 400mm * 250mm
  • Type set in TeX Gyre Heros

Built and exhibited in April 2018.

assets/ingen-frihet-utan-makt/ingenfrihet-poster01.png Placeboholder

“For how long will a place be able to exist under anarchistic ideals before somebody represses it with claims of power?”

assets/ingen-frihet-utan-makt/ingenfrihet-poster03.png Placeboholder

Our purpose was: “Show an example of how capitalist power processes exploit and commodifies the proletariat for its own purpose of self-fullfilment.”

assets/ingen-frihet-utan-makt/ingenfrihet-poster02.png Placeboholder

“We collected spray cans (the tools of the artists) and a concrete block from Snösätra upplagsområde and glued them together into a symbol of power.”

assets/ingen-frihet-utan-makt/ingenfrihet01-low.jpg Placeboholder

The result: “A 100 cm * 120 cm * 265 cm throne made out of 848 spray cans, glue and a concrete block.”

assets/ingen-frihet-utan-makt/ingenfrihet-process01.jpg Placeboholder

assets/ingen-frihet-utan-makt/ingenfrihet-process02.jpg Placeboholder

assets/ingen-frihet-utan-makt/ingenfrihet-process.gif Placeboholder

We collected the spray cans from Snösätra upplagsområde.

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