In Transit

Identity and concept for Beckmans College of Design's yearly participation at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair. A Design collaboration between seven companies and fifteen students. All type set in Manege by The Temporary State and Gascogne Serial by TypeShop Collection. Made in collaboration with Anders Lindén, Daniel Thor, Emelie Maxdotter, Erik Svensson, Ludvig Östman and Mikaela Källgren.


  • Title attached with laser printed 37mm tape
  • Dimensions: 210mm * 297mm
  • Paper: Munken Lynx Rough
  • Offset printing by Trydells Tryckeri



  • Asphalt imitation as fond for acrylic glass signage
  • Set of business cards (standard format)


Exhibited at the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair in February 2019.

assets/in-transit/in-transit-cover.png placeholder

The title was attached to the magazine with transparent 37mm tape.

assets/in-transit/in-transit-img03.jpg Placeboholder

The magazines were distributed at the commuter trains going to the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair.

assets/in-transit/in-transit-img02.jpg Placeboholder

assets/in-transit/in-transit-img06.jpg Placeboholder


assets/in-transit/in-transit-img09.jpg Placeboholder

Spread pp. 10–11.

assets/in-transit/in-transit-img05.jpg Placeboholder

The magazine functioned as a poster when unfolded.


Excerpt from the website.

assets/in-transit/in-transit-visitkort5.gif Placeboholder

Two-sided business cards.

assets/in-transit/in-transit-exhibition2.jpg Placeboholder

Close-up on acrylic glass placed on asphalt imitation. Seven signages were made: one for each furniture.

Three dolphins swimming!