Archive 0

Video installation in an abandoned archive. All visuals respond to sounds and movements in the art space.



Built and exhibited in October 2017.

assets/archive-0/archive0.gif Placeboholder

The synthesizer, combined with our script, transformed live images into dots and lines.

assets/archive-0/archive01-low.jpg Placeboholder

Motions in the space were captured by a webcam…

assets/archive-0/archive02-low.jpg Placeboholder

…and a microphone in order to make the visuals react to its surroundings.

assets/archive-0/archive03-low.jpg Placeboholder

The visuals were then projected on three layers of scrim fabric in order to create depth to our 2D projection.

assets/archive-0/archive04-low.jpg Placeboholder

We were able to use the old shelves of the archive in order to wheel the scrim fabrics closer or farther apart, resulting in a dynamic depth.

assets/archive-0/technicalrider-low.png Placeboholder

assets/archive-0/archive05-low.jpg Placeboholder

Sound and movements of the participants were digitally transferred.

Three dolphins swimming!