An online chess community operating by the means of geofencing, i.e. you need to be at Kulturhuset Stockholm (Stockholm House of Culture) in order to be an eligible applicant for the 8x8 chess community. The project was impelled on the belief in human interaction and to use chess as a tool for cross-culture communication. Made in collaboration with Gabriel Fager Ferrari.


Exhibited at Kulturhuset Stockholm in October 2018.

assets/8x8/8x8-mobile.jpg Placeboholder

The website was unavailable for visitors outside of the geofencing area.

assets/8x8/8x8-card.jpg Placeboholder

The coordinates of the central hub of the 8x8 community was an important asset, here shown at a visiting card.


The full version of the website.

assets/8x8/8x8-posters-still.png Placeboholder

The design system allowed for a lot of variations.

assets/8x8/8x8-posters-still02.png Placeboholder

assets/8x8/8x8-smartphone-low.png Placeboholder

It was important to invite everyone to participate.

assets/8x8/8x8-anslag.jpg Placeboholder

The 8x8 community featured on the billboard outside of Kulturhuset Stockholm.

Three dolphins swimming!